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Leadership Development Program

Blended Learning Approach

Leadership development does not happen through theoretical learning alone.


Our blended approach combines high quality online learning modules with individual fieldwork followed by group work.


This cycle of  Learn -> Act -> Reflect runs on a three week cycle and is repeated for 6 modules.

Leadership development - Week 1 Content
Week 1 - Content
  • Participants individually complete online module

  • Participants take notes and complete the exercises in their workbooks.

Leadership development - Week 2 Fieldwork
Week 2 - Fieldwork
  • Participants individually undertake fieldwork assignment.

Leadership development - Week 3 Group work
Week 3 - Group work
  • Participants meet in Action Learning Groups (ALGs) for reflection on fieldwork and for peer coaching.

Program Introduction & Structure

HRO Re-invented

Weick and Sutcliffe’s book, Managing the Unexpected, is essential reading for anyone embarking on a HRO journey.


The EvolvedHRO™ modules are themed around their five principles. But don’t expect the regurgitation of Weick and Sutcliffe’s work that most HRO programs provide. EvolvedHRO™ reinvents High Reliability Organisations as a function of change leadership; providing the tools a leader needs to transform their organisation.

Content Example

Each online module consists of four to six videos interspersed with exercises and other readings. Here is one of the four videos for Module 2.

EvolvedHRO™ Program Modules

Module 1

EvolvedHRO™ Leadership Model

Explores the reasons why HRO Projects fail or succeed and how the EvolvedHRO™ leadership model encapsulates the learnings.

Module 2

Reluctance to Simplify Interpretations

Focusses on breaking the cycle of firefighting and outlines the leadership capabilities needed to address underlying causes.

Module 3

Preoccupation with Failure

Distinguishes one of the most powerful techniques in HRO leadership; systemic inquiry.

Module 4

Sensitivity to Operations

Confronts the large gap that exists between what management think is happening at the front line, and what really happens at the front line.

Module 5

Deference to Expertise

Explores the critical differences in how leaders use expertise dependent on the complexity of the operating environment, positioning the leadership necessary for sustainable high performance.

Module 6

Commitment to Resilience

Repositions resilience as a systemic organisational attribute rather than just a personal one, while building the most powerful and far-reaching leadership capability; leadership that changes mindsets and culture. 

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